Living room

Living room

Our living room is well kept. With 2 comfortable sofas and a sufficient chairs. The kitchen is integrated in the living room.

We updated our audio to the latest technology: Now we have a Sonos sound system. That allows you with your smartphone and WiFi to play your favorite music like home.

Haus Myrrena living room apartment for 6 in Mürren
Tulpen in Myrrena

We love to keep our apartment personal. Therefore a little touch from the Netherlands. They don’t need water.

The two couches are comfortable and give a good view on the television. It is a smart TV, so you can login to your Netflix account to watch TV like home. For more info on Sonos. Click here.

However we have a DVD player with the appropriate James Bond; on her Majesty’s secret Service.  Just to keep you in the Mürren mood.

Sitting corner

We typically cook ourselves. Therefore we have a well equiped kitchen. 

Here the view from the open kitchen towards the living room.


 Why comfortable Haus Myrrena in Mürren

view from kitchen to living room haus myrrena
Haus Myrrena, Mürren

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